News and Events List

Loyola College of Education

News and Events List

Special Assembly on New Year 2023 Reopening Day

Christmas Programme and Celebrations

LCE Choir Performance at LIBA Choir Competition

Governing Body Meeting

Creative Assembly - Pedagogy of Biological Science

LCE Choir Performance at Meston Ecumenical Carol Service

Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA)

Campus Level Christmas Celebration - for staff

Sharing Love and Sharing the Items Visually Challenge Deaf and Dumb Students

Promotion of Youth Advocates for Children (YA4C) Towards Ending Violence Against Children

Sharing Love and Sharing the Items Aged People

Sharing Love and Sharing the Items Special Children & Elderly Persons

Sharing Love and Sharing the Stationary Items School Children

Internationalization of Education 2022 with Seattle University, USA

15. Colloquium on “The Dravidian Model: Good for Business and Human Development?”

Creative Assembly

Teaching Communication skills for students with Autism-Webinar

I Years and 2 - II Years participated in the cultural programme toward NAAC visit to TNTEU.

New Learning Styles in the context of NEP 2020-Special Talk

Micro Teaching – Workshop

Seminar on “A Prelude to Mentoring for Human Engineers”

A Special talk on “E-Content Preparation: Video Lecture”

Colloquium with Head Teachers

Diwali Celebration

Holy Mass – Catholics Prayer Service – Others

Student Council Election

Webinar on “Creating a congenial environment for the blind and the low vision with the help of assistive technology”

A special talk on the “Transformation of Higher Education Institutions to Multidisciplinary Institutions”

Content Enrichment/Foundation Course

Corpus Christi Procession

Webinar on “Insight into Differently Abled”

B.Ed. First Year-Student Orientation

PTA Meeting

B.Ed. First Year -Inauguration

Teachers’ Day Celebration

The programme started with a prayer. Rev.Fr.V.Sahayaraj, SJ, Secretary, LCE, presented gifts as a token of love and appreciation to teaching and non-teaching staff members.

Faculty Development Programme

Session 1: Resource Person: Rev. Dr. Vincent Paulraj, CMF, Claretion Priest, Currently placed at the Claretian Provincial House, Tambaram. The objective of the forenoon session is to enable interpersonal skills among the staff of LCE. The resource person spoke about the importance of interpersonal skills of a person and how it reflects on the interpersonal skills of the person. The learning outcomes were strengthened self-awareness, interpersonal skills and team spirit.
Session 2: Resource Person: Prof. Judith Vijaya, Dean of Sciences, Loyola College, Chennai. The objective of the afternoon session is to enable the research skills of the staff. The resource person provided and explained the various ways of doing research with much simplicity. The learning outcomes were research skills and work balance.

Internship – II year

The second year students (2021-23 batch) have been sent to their training/internship at their respective schools as given by the TNTEU and Ministry of Higher Education. The duration for the internship is 4 months (i.e., from August 1, 2022 to November 31, 2022 tentatively).

Model Examination II – June 2022

Chief Guest: Rev.Fr.Michael Pugazhendhi, SJ, Director, JEMCEM (Jesuit Media, Ministry of Chennai Province), Keezhakottaiyur.
Homage to St.Ignatius of Loyola was organized by the Campus Ministry LCE. The theme of the programme was ‘,dpNfh topapy; ,dpNj nry;y’. The chief guest was Rev. Fr. Michael Pugazhendhi, SJ, Director, JEMCEM (Jesuit Media, Ministry of Chennai Province), Keezhakottaiyur. The event began with lighting of the lamp and praying homage to St. Ignatius with flowers. The welcome address was given by the Principal, followed by a special talk on "the lessons learned from Inigo, the soldier by Dr.Y.Elin Shibi, Asst. Professor, Pedagogy of Physical Science and ‘Lesson learnt from Ignatius the saint, by Mr. Francis Xavier, Student, Pedagogy of Mathematics. The secretary felicitated the gathering and introduced the chief guest. After which, Rev.Fr.Michael Pugazhendhi, SJ, addressed the gathering with his insightful thoughts on St.Ignatius.

University Examinations

The students from both 1st year and 2nd year faced their university examination in the respective dates at their allotted exam center.

Etiquette on Action Research

Resource Person: Dr.T.Ponmalini, Asst. Professor of Perspectives in Education.
The main objective of the programme is to make the students aware of the concept of action research and to enable them to carry out research for analyzing and solving any problems they might face in school in the future. The programme gave much-needed awareness about the role of action research not only in the academic domain but also in the use of holistic development. It was an interactive and engaging session on action research.

Seminar on Action Research

Resource Person: Mrs. I.R. Carmeline., Senior Lecture at SCERT, DPI Campus, Nungambakkam, Chennai.
The objective of the programme is to give an introduction to Action Research and to make prospective student-teachers more research minded. The programme gave awareness about action research and instilled the importance of nurturing & guiding young students in school.

Model Examination II – June 2022

The Model examination was held by the examination committee of LCE for 1st and 2nd year students simultaneously.

15th Annual College Day

Chief Guest: Thiru. Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, Minister of school education, Tamil Nadu.
The 15th annual college day was celebrated in a befitting manner on the theme “Champions of desirable change” at the Arrupe Auditorium. The evening program started solemnly with the prayer song followed by Thamizh thai vazhthu sung by LCE Choir.
The chief guest of the occasion Thiru. Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, Minister of school education, Tamil Nadu gave an inspirational talk on how good societies are created by teachers. He briefed about the recent implementation in the education system of Tamil Nadu - the Ellam Thedi Kalvi Thitam, which serves as an opportunity for the children to learn and for the youngsters to come forward and serve the society to reach great heights. Then, the prizes for the meritorious students were given by the chief guest.
The guest of honor Rev. Dr. Francis P Xavier, S.J. Rector and Vice-President, Loyola Campus, Chennai felicitated the gathering on how to approach the realities of the world with determination and courage. To be a professional learner by heart and mind always and that the teachers are the foundation of the new world to keep the spirits of learning alive. Next, the college annual report was presented for the year 2021-2022.
Followed by it, the much awaited cultural program began with a mesmerizing classical dance. Then the melodious group singing captured the hearts of the audience. The skit was performed on the title “Switch” followed by a dance which portrayed the rich culture of Kerala was a treat to eyes. The street play on the title “Creating Awareness” made the audience think and enjoy. At last, the enthusiastic dance performance was given by both girls and boys of LCE.
The program came to an end with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Deborah Sharon, Chairperson student council. The evening was signed off with the National Anthem.

Model Examination I– May 2022

The Model examination was held by the examination committee of LCE for 1st and 2nd year students simultaneously.

Two day International Webinar on ‘Enhancing Creativity in the New Classroom Environment Challenges and Prospects’.

Platform: CISCO Webex
IQAC of Loyola College of Education has organised an Online International Webinar in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University and Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia on the topic “Enhancing Creativity in the New Normal Classroom Environment: Challenges and Prospects” on 13th & 14th May, 2022. Eight input sessions were given by 3 speakers from abroad and 5 speakers from India. The webinar was live streamed in YouTube also. Overall, more than 342 participants through Cisco Webex and YouTube as well as 350 prospective teachers and faculty members of Loyola College of Education were participating through smart board projection for both days. Altogether, 692 participants were for two days. Feedback was collected after each input session and it was analysed and reports were sent to concerned speakers on the same day. The participants who have attended all 8 input sessions were provided with an e-certificate. The feedback analysis revealed that all participants have gained some productive inputs from the international seminar.

Accompanying the Migrants

Resource Person: Rev. Fr. Arul Henry Williams, SJ. Director, Jesuit Migrant Services, Chennai.
The 1st year & 2nd year students were the audience for the talk on accompanying the migrants. The resource person gave many real life incidents explaining the reality of the migrants. He gave several insights and solutions to help such migrants. The session ended with a question answer session where the students participated enthusiastically.

Phase II - Campus Interview

The Placement Cell of LCE plays a significant role in offering the best Job opportunities for the student- teachers. The advertisements for various recruitments in school and also private consultancies (in need of prospective teachers), from newspapers are collected, filed and put up on the bulletin board for the students to get the best employment facilities. Phase II campus interview conducted on 30th April 2022 in which 32 schools participated. I placed on record that 88.5% of the students were selected and got their appointment order, 54 students are going for higher studies, 3 religious and the rest of them declined the offer for family reasons.

14th Annual Sports Meet

Chief Guest: Ms. P. Narmadha
Guest of Honour: Rev. Dr. Francis P. Xaxier
The sports committee of LCE organized the 14th Annual sports meet for both 1st & 2nd year student-teachers. The students were segregated under 4 teams namely Kurunji (Blue), Mullai (White), Anicham (Red) and Vaagai (Green) respectively. The sports day started with the special note given by the guest of honor followed by March fast. The torch was lit and it was ignited by the celebrated athletes & players of LCE. Several field events were held on the spot and the prizes were distributed by the chief guest. The following are the details of the winners. Overall Championship Cup – Anicham(Red) Team; Individual Championship (Women) : Mariya Rasathi. D; Individual Championship (Men) : Francis Xavier. K; March Past : Vaagai (Green) Team.

CIA – I April 2022

The first Continuous Internal Assessment was held on 20-04-2022 to 26-04-2022 by the examination committee of CCE for both 1st and 2nd year student-teachers.

Transformational Leadership

Resource Person: Rev. Dr. Francis Xavier. P, SJ, Rector, Vice Principal, LCAS.
The special talk on Transformational Leadership was hosted by the IQAC of LCE. The resource person gave various enriching thoughts and inputs regarding the transformational leadership and being a transformed leader as teacher in the classroom and as a staff for the school.

Time Management

Resource Person: Rev. Dr. Francis P.Xavier, Rector, Loyola College Campus.
The resource person explained the importance of effective time management and various strategies of effectively managing the time, especially in the class being student-teachers. He gave several quotes and short stories emphasizing the importance of having time management skills.

Energy Conservation and Waste Management

Resource Person: Dr. P. Thomas, PRO, Loyola Campus
The NSS & Eco club of Loyola College of Education had arranged for a special talk on Energy Conservation and Waste Management by Dr.P.Thomas. The resource person explained all the different methods of conserving energy conservation strategies that are followed in the Loyola Campus. The students made a visit to all said places such as ERP, Biogas plant and solar installation in the Campus.

Interaction with the Transgender

Resource Person: Dr. Captain Simon Ajusudhakar, Vice Principal, Shift-II, Loyola College Ms. Nalina Presitha, Alumni, Loyola College.
The 1st year students had a session on the life of transgender, their difficulties, challenges and journey of how they overcome all their problems. The students received insight on the real situation of scenario of being a transgender and how they were treated. Ms.Nalina clarified all the doubts and questions posed by the student-teachers through open-forum.

Phase I - Campus Interview

Campus Recruitment Programme began in the month of December 2021 with the series of meetings with Rev.Fr. Dr. S. Sebastian, SJ, Secretary, LCE , Dr. L. Kulandai Theresal, Principal and the Placement Cell coordinators. 186 Schools were approached to conduct the campus interview through letter of intent, phone call and mail. The pamphlets, brochures and hoardings from different schools were filed and put up on the Placement cell bulletin board for the students to view the various requirements of the schools. Phase I campus interview conducted on 26th March 2022 in which 62 schools participated. Some students received offer letters and many students called for the next round of interview.

Orientation on Campus Interview

Resource person: Ms. R. Sridevi, Assistant Professor, Pedagogy of Mathematics, LCE
The resource person gave a detail picture about the campus interview and she explained the DO’S and DONT’S of the interview and what things should take into account when it comes to the interview. She gave us a broad picture of schools of different institutions and explained the expectations of the educational institutions.

Campus Drive

The Placement cell, Loyola College of Education organized a Campus drive for second year students, Department of English of the batch 2020-22 in collaboration with Training and Placement Cell and Student support, Welfare & amp; Grievance, Redressal Cell of Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai and Senthil Public School, Salem. The coordinators and representatives from Senthil Public School introduced themselves and presented a video of infrastructure, working atmosphere of Senthil Public school.
Number of students attended the campus drive = 45
Number of students from LCE = 36
Number of students from Stella Matutina COE = 1
Number of Students from IASE = 8
Later, they conducted a written test for the students and selected 15 students for second round of the interview after scrutinizing the written test. Second round was a face-to-face interview which was conducted in two rooms. From that, 8 students were selected and given appointment orders.

Communication Skills

The Resource person Dr. E. Karthikeyan, Assistant. Professor, Pedagogy of English, Loyola College of Education, Chennai, gave a detail description about the communication skills and the importance of Communication skills, and how to improve your communication skills.

Interview Skills

Resource person: Dr.M.Caroline Maria, Assistant. Professor, Perspective in Education, LCE.
The resource person gave a detailed picture about the interview skills and she explained the DO’S and DONT’S of the interview and what are the things one should take into account when it comes to the interview. She gave us a broad picture of what all the things we should know before attending the interview .She gave us questions what we should know before stepping into the institution like history, and management of the institution, vision mission of the institution, objectives of the institution and what is the uniqueness about the institution.

Introduction to Interview

The Resource Person Dr. C. Beulah Jayarani, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science, gave a detail speech about the Introduction to the Interview, and gave a detail picture of the interview and types of interview and what are the frequently asked questions in the interview. She gave the required skills like communication skills, leadership skills, organizing skills, problem solving skills, and teamwork.

International Women’s Week Celebration

The student-teachers were encouraged to put food stalls on 21st to 23rd March on the campus, sell their food items and reimburse the profit to the Women’s cell. Each pedagogy student planned their stalls and food items in the food mela and everyone participated in it enthusiastically. Series of competitions were held both onstage and offstage to encourage the students to show off their skills and talents. The valedictory function was held on 25th March with Ms.Adline Andrews, Psychotherapist as a chief guest, who gave a special keynote address and distributed the prizes to all the competition winners. This was followed by the cultural program presented by the LCE boys.

Dare to Dream

Resource Person: Ms.Elsi Rani. P, 2nd Year, Pedagogy of Biological Science
The women’s cell organized a special talk on ‘Dare to Dream’ for the 1st and 2nd year students. The resource person being an entrepreneur herself explained the importance of perseverance and the different steps to be taken in order to have a successful business. She spoke about her own life experiences and challenged them to dream for a successful business venture.

Teaching Competency Test – 2nd Year

The second year students were tested on their teaching competency skills before their University Practical Examinations. This helped the students to perfect their lesson plans, TLMs and their teaching methodology before facing their B.Ed. practical examination.

Resume Writing - 2nd Year

Mr. K. Nandha, Asst Professor, Pedagogy of English, gave a clear picture of a resume and the essential things one should check in a good resume. He also gave a clear distinction between resume and curriculum vitae, which helped students to be more clear on the view of using a resume professionally .He spoke about the purpose of writing the objectives in the resume and gave instructions about writing the objectives. He later explained the chronological order of contents that should be presented in a resume. Then he explained the headings that a good resume should possess like Education, activities, interest, work experience, honors and awards, skills and abilities etc. He gave the do’s and don'ts of writing a resume in a precise manner. He ended by showing two models of resume for the students which was helpful for them to understand.

Women’s Day – Special Prayer/Assembly

The morning assembly was conducted by the women’s cell to commemorate the International Women’s Day celebration. The student coordinators from both 1st year and 2nd year conducted the morning assembly which included the prayer song, bible reading and special prayer. All the female students and staff take an oath after the prayer. The theme – ‘Break the bias' was elaborated to all the students.

Ash Wednesday – Holy Mass

Chief-celebrants: Fr. Sebastian, SJ and Fr. Amalraj, SJ

I Year Semester I - University Examination

Creative Assembly – Pedagogy of Biological Science

Theme: Prakriti (Save Nature)
The students from the pedagogy of Biological Science exhibited their talents and artistic through their creative assembly. The students showed a video, conducted a quiz, presented a skit and a dance centered on the theme.

Investiture Ceremony

The student council members were honored and were presented to all the students. The leaders took their oaths in front of the Secretary, Principal, Staff and Students.

Creative Assembly – Physical Science

Theme: Vector to Victory.
The students from pedagogy of Physical Science exhibited their talents and capacities through the creative assembly under the theme, ‘Vector to Victory’. The programme started with a prayer song followed by readings from Bible, Quran and Bhagavad Gita. There was a skit about Albert Einstein, Quiz, Poem reading and a dance based on the theme.

Student Council Election

The Student Council members were elected through polls received by all the 1st year students. The elected student council members were announced the same day. The council members are as follows,
Chairperson : Vignesh Vanan B.K
Vice Chairperson : Serlin D.P
Secretary : Sahaya Anto Messibun X
Joint Secretary : Jose Yazhini. K
Treasurer : Meghana. D

I Year University Examination

Virtual Republic Day Celebration.

Chief Guest: Mr. Veera Chozhan K.S Thrumavalavan
The Republic Day celebration was held online due to the lockdown restrictions. The event started with a prayer song and Tamilthai Vazhthu sung by LCE students. Many students gave speeches and read poems honoring Republic Day. Then our maintenance staff Mrs. Kumari was given the pride of hoisting the flag at the LCE premises. The Chief Guest gave his speech on being truthful to the motherland and being a responsible citizen. Secretary Fr. Sebastian, SJ felicitated the gathering. The event ended with the National Anthem.

Quiz Competition by Higher Education Commission, Jesuit Chennai Province

The Higher Education Commission of the Jesuit Chennai Province conducted a quiz competition for all the Jesuit Institutions that come under Jesuit Chennai Province. Sr. Parimala Rani, I year, Pedagogy of History won the third place.

Orientation on Students Council & Election

The students’ council committee members gave an orientation on the purpose of the student council, its members and roles for each function. Dr. Beulah Jayarani explained the rules and criteria of the student council election for different roles.