Library Facilities

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Library Facilities

The library is fully automated and digitalised. The staff and students visit the library as often as possible for reference and for research. The poor student-teachers avail the facility of book bank to borrow books.

Library Book details-2022-2023

S.No Particulars Total
1 Total Number of  Books 10767
2 Total Number of Title 8937
3 Reference Books 731
4 Encyclopedia 165
5 International Journals 2
6 National Journals 18
7 Journals Back Volumes (6 years) 53
8 Magazines 5
9 Newspapers (Tamil and English) 2
10 Books available in the Book Bank 90
11 Photocopier 1
12 Tamil and English CDs 150
13 Total No. of e-book 125000
14 Total No. of e-journal title 15124
15 Total No. of e-journal database 8
Library Features

  The library is fully automated with Autolib Software System.

 Question Bank : The librarian takes concerted effort to collate all the question papers of University examinations of previous years and compiles them orderly. The student-teachers have an access to them.

 Newspaper Clippings: The librarian goes through the newspapers and collects relevant news items related to education, employment opportunities, socio-cultural issues, current issues, etc. and displays them on the notice board. He also documents them systematically.

 Digital Library:The College has taken efforts to digitalise its library. There are 20 computers available for the student-teachers to access to electronic resources. The library has also internet and Wi-Fi connection for the staff and students.

 We have an understanding with Loyola College of Arts & Science to utilise the library resources (both print and electronic) for effective teaching-learningprocess. Interlibrary loan is provided to the student-teachers and to the staff.

Digital Library
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Library Committee Member
1 Dr.L.KulandaiTheresal Chairperson
2 Mr.E.Jaikumar Co-Ordinator
3 Mrs.M.AmalaJansi Member
4 Dr. E Kartthikeyan Member
5 Dr. A. Suresh Babu Member
6 Dr.V.Ajantha Member
7 Mrs. Philomen Sylvia Member
 The institution gets the help of Rehabilitation Centre for Differently Abled(RCDA) of Loyola College of Arts & Science, Chennai. The differently abled students, particularly visually challenged students are encouraged to avail the facility of JAWSsoftware at RCDA.

 Our college also offers the facility of Nonvisual Desktop Access(NVDA) software which is a free “screen reader” that enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen in a computerized voice. NVDA provides the key to education and employment for many blind people. It also provides access to social networking, online shopping, banking and news.
The college library is the knowledge resource centre of the college. It caters to the needs of the staff and student-teachers. Library is well stocked with text and reference books recommended by Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University. The library has prime sources like journals, magazines, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, CD-ROM databases and e-journals to enhance the knowledge of the staff and student-teachers.

 The library will be open on all working days from 8.00 am – 5.30 pm.

 Absolute silence should be maintained in and around the library.

 Students should register their entry in the gate entry register whenever they access the library.

 Check the condition of books before leaving the counter.

 Each student will be provided with two borrower’s tickets, upon which he / she can borrow the library books.

 Students should wrap the books borrowed by them to avoid mutilation and damage.

 Books will be issued to students under a loan for a period of two weeks. Books may be renewed further if not reserved.

 Books must be returned on or before the due date prescribed.

 Loss of any books and borrower’s tickets should be immediately reported to the librarian in the prescribed form available in the library.

 When the book is lost or damaged, the student must replace it with a new copy of the same edition and pay the book cost along with handling cost etc. as applicable.

 Rs. 100/- will be charged towards the loss of a borrower’s ticket.